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copy of Om carved wooden round incense holder


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For 1 cone and 10 incense sticks

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Very nice carved wooden incense holder, flat and round, with the symbol of om.

A cone holder and ten holes for sticks.

Diameter: 9.7 cm

Om, aum, is a Sanskrite syllable found in several religions: Hinduism and its yogas, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Brahmanism. It is also called udgitha or pranava mantra ("primordial mantra," the word prea also meaning "vital vibration"). From a Hindu point of view, this syllable represents the original, primordial sound from which the Universe would have been structured. It is described or mentioned in some upaniads (sets of philosophical texts) including the Oakdogya Upani-ad.

Om̐ comes from the fusion of Sanskrit phonemes A, U and M:

  • A represents the beginning, the birth, and the creative god Brahmo;
  • U represents continuation, life, and the god Vishnu;
  • M represents the end, the death, and the destructive god Shiva.

The syllable therefore represents the totality of what exists, it is that "which contains the past, the present and the future, while being of other essence," as well as the Hindu trinity.