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Metal incense holder in the shape of a sheet with pentacle


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For 1 cone and 1 incense stick

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Very nice metal incense holder in the shape of a sheet with pentacle.

A cone holder and an incense stick hole.

Dimensions: 12 cm x 10 cm x 7 cm for the sheet; Height: 9cm

The word pentagram applies to a graph or object that represents a five-item figure, such as a five-pointed star, mainly used in esotericism and magic (protection from evil).

The pentagram is to be differentiated from the pentacle in the sense that the pentagram is a 5-pointed star, which is very similar to the one we had fun drawing with a free hand when we were still a child. The Magic Pentacle is a pentagram surrounded by a circle. It can be built from wood, stone, metal or clay.

The pentagram ("pentagrammon" or "triple cross triangle") is related to the symbolism of the number five, the symbol of man. Indeed, the human figure is totally inscribed: the four limbs and the head, which controls the four elements.

The number 5 mentions, among other things:

  • the 5 elements: the 4 basic elements (earth, water, air, fire) supplemented by a fifth element obtained by "quintessence": the ether (life, spirit, or tao that transcends matter),
  • the four branches of the cross and its central point,
  • the centre, therefore harmony (see the pentatonic range) and balance,
  • the man himself: the five senses, the fingers of the hand, the 5 members of the body,
  • the union of the feminine (2 pair) and the masculine (3 odd),
  • or the life that animates matter.