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Lotus photophore color lime green

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Diameter: about 14 cm

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Lotus-shaped candlestick, lime green colour, for 'flat heater' candles.

The candlesticks are composed of 3 rows of petals and guarantee a beautiful volume effect. Their semi-metallic appearance will give nice sets of lights with the flame of candles. This type of photophore is also ideal for meditating on a specific chakra thanks to its color (chromotherapy). The petals are mother-of-pearl and set with tin.

Available in several colours. Sold without a candle.

Diameter: about 14 cm.

Use: Place a candle in the heart of the lotus to add a floral and colorful touch to your tables. Wait until the container is no longer hot before handling it. Keep children out of reach.

Maintenance: Cleaning is done with a slightly damp cloth.

The Lotus represents the possibility for every human being to ate the state of Buddha, regardless of his living conditions. It embodies the elevation of the soul, first purely materialistic through its roots, then tasting the experience of water through its stem, to finally reach enlightenment and awakening through its flower. Tibetan Buddhists see in the Lotus flower the true nature of the Beings, the stem being the samsara (cycles of lives and dead), the flower symbolizing peace and serenity.


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