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When you order from the Akilonyastore, you check a box approving the same way that you have read the terms and conditions of sale. Here they are:

CGV update: May 10, 2020

Orders - deadlines:

Orders are processed in order of arrival. Most of the products offered on the shop are prepared to order to preserve freshness and energy, so please take into account that it is a craft shop and not a total resale, so that processing times cannot equal the simple dealers.
The craftsman often works more than 14 hours a day, with passion and love, thank you for taking this into account for this shop.

Orders of the day are processed the next day to be sent the next day, so it takes 72 hours from "accepted payment" to "in the process of delivery" status, excluding holidays, holidays and weekends (Saturday and Sunday).
Note that if there are special creations, crafts, preparation of rituals, etc. an extra day or two may be needed depending on the time to spend on the craft and the flow of orders.

Warning: when you take a 48-hour Colissimo, this time limit runs from the shipment and not from the paid order!

Schedules and contact:

Since the shop is only online on the Internet, there are no specific schedules. However, not all weekends and holidays are worked.

Exceptional closures are shown on the site via a pop-up and a sign.

The FAQ (Fair Questions) was set up to unload the mailbox and phone calls. If your message can be answered in the FAQ, it will not be answered. Thank you for your understanding.


For Metropolitan France, the mailing is in Letter Followed, Colissimo or via Mondial Relay.
For Belgium, the shipment is by Bpost parcel followed or via Mondial Relay.
For the rest of the world, the shipment is in Colissimo DOM TOM and International and International Followed Letter.

When the order is packaged and ready to be shipped, the buyer will be informed by email, along with the follow-up number. The tracking URL is available on its customer interface.

The shop will not be held responsible for the loss of a parcel by La Poste, Bpost or Mondial Relay or the deterioration of the products in the parcel, let alone the thefts. The packaging is at its best, the protection to its maximum. Thank you for taking that into account. From the moment the parcel has left the shop, the person in charge of your parcel is the carrier and it is the only one, because it is a contract signed with him, which ensures a delivery in a time counted, without loss or deterioration.

Mondial Relay offers a period of 3 working days to deliver, but this delay starts at the time of the removal of the parcel in the relay point, so depending on this point, its opening days, pickup, this delay goes up to 7 working days, which slows the shipment.
If your order is urgent... or impatient... better to opt for La Poste or Bpost which delivers in 48 hours.

When validating your shopping cart for shipping orders through Mondial Relay, please disable your "Adblock" extension from your Internet browser and update it so that the selection of Mondial Relay is done correctly and you can choose your relay point.

WARNING: Free shipping costs stop at 10 kg for Mondial Relay and Bpost, thank you for your understanding!

Order cancellation/refund:

The buyer can cancel his order at any time, whether the order is in "accepted payment" or "in preparation" status.
When the order is still in "accepted payment" status, you will be refunded your entire order.
When the order is in "preparation in progress" or ready to be sent but a problem arises when the transport label is created due to incorrect information or a refund request at that particular time, a penalty of -10% will be applied on the total amount of the order excluding shipping costs.
Be careful, when the status goes "in the process of delivery" is that the parcel is already gone, so you will have to ask for a return (see the following article).

A refund requested, on order already sent that would have been left at the relay or at the post office, will be made with a penalty of -10% and less the postage.

The 10% penalty applies when the order has been prepared, the products manufactured, packaged, put in cardboard.
All this takes time, equipment and work, and not to be abused, by accepting the General Terms of Sale present, when you check this box at the validation of your basket, you fully accept this condition.

Return - Claims:

The buyer has 7 days to make a claim for his parcel in the following cases:
- breaks in the package (be careful, for the candles it is indicated on the package that this must be seen in front of the delivery driver)
- absence of one or more products
- degradation of products and/or parcel (take a picture of the cardboard and the interior)

After this time, it will no longer be possible to make a claim.

The buyer has 7 days from the delivery of the order (in accordance with the laws of the Consumer Code Art L 121-16) to return a product that would not be suitable.

The delivery date is the date indicated on the envelope or parcel.

The buyer can either exchange the product or get a refund. This right applies to products that are defective or non-compliant with its order.
Not repeated:
- incomplete, damaged, damaged or soiled items,
- broken, stained or torn items,
- customised items on request,
- candles, seven-times, raised novenas,
- divination games taken out of their plastic envelope (blister)
- candles already lit Return and return fees are not covered by Akilonya.
For any return, please write to Akilonya first on the address in order to get a return number. This return number should be shown in or on the return package. Akilonya will send an email to confirm the support for the return or the refusal if the product (s) would not comply with the returns as mentioned above.

After this time, no return will be accepted.

Payments accepted:

Bank card via PayPal, PayPal account, transfer and check.

Orders paid by transfer or cheque will be put on hold until payment is received and processed only on the status of "accepted payment, cheque received or bank transfer validated".

Payment information by wire transfer and cheque is indicated when the order is finalized.

You have 10 days for your payment to be received, after this deadline, your order will be cancelled and the products returned to stock.

Note: If your order is awaiting payment and it arrives during a store leave closing, the order will not be validated until it reopens. Thank you for your understanding.