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copy of NATUREL burning coal x10 (4.4cm Fourty Four)

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4.4 cm

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Type: Made in Germany. Roll of 10 coals.

Forty Four coal is renowned for its size and here it's a natural version! It's a powerful coal.

The interest of this coal lies first in its heating temperature. Once well lit, it will provide high heat combustion. Perfect for users who like high-temperature sessions. Then, its "donuts" shape will be useful for Phunnel or Vortex type fireplaces but also the "large" fireplaces (As the name suggests, it is 44mm in diameter).

Brand: Fourty Four

Size: 4.4 cm diameter

Indication: these high-quality coals do not emit smoke or odour when consumed. The combustion is 40 minutes.

Use: Place a burning charcoal on the grill of your incense burner, heated by the flame of a lighter or candle, holding it with a charcoal tong. Once the charcoal has become ash on its edges, lay your herbs or incense. Once the charcoal has burned, tap with the clamp on it to drop the ashes through the grate. Empty the incense burner as you please, after one or more uses, but especially wait until the ashes are cold.

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    Bon produit

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    c'est la première fois que je prend ce produit chez vous, je prenais une autre marque, allumé rapidement, il s'est aussi éteint tres vite et pourtant je sais comment on l'allume et comment y mettre de l'encens, donc decevant.