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Choose your totem animal from the drop-down list!

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The totem animal is the animal that represents you and guides you in your life.
But we don't just have one... There are 7 animals that surround us, and help us on different levels: the past, the present, the future, our strengths, our weaknesses, our anchoring, our spirituality.
Among native Americans, it is said that there is one in us, in the center, the most important. One behind us, one in front of us, one on our right, one on our left, one under us and one above us.
The one at the center is our absolute totem, it can evolve. From a butterfly in youth it can make way for the bear or the snake...

Choose from the drop-down list which animal you want to communicate with or from which you would like spiritual support.

Note: To find out what your totem animal is, there are a few books on the subject, but online tests can help you, like this one:
However, listen to your heart, let you get the image of the animal you need. Your intuition is the best. Always.


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