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Full moon

When the moon is full, we celebrate the Goddess who is in all her glory.

There are usually two reasons for the current celebration of esbats, in other words full moons. The first is magical: at the time of the full moon, vital energies are multiplied, they increase throughout the rise of the Moon and reach their climax when it is full. It is therefore an evening conducive to magical practice, especially since the Moon illuminates the place wonderfully if the ritual takes place outdoors! On the other hand, there is also a more symbolic reason, associated with the Wicca, this time, and more precisely with the Goddess, presented there in its three aspects: The Virgin and the Old, despite their power, do not give birth and the Goddess cannot give life, be fruitful, only as a Mother. The Full Moon is a symbol of fertility, so this is the perfect time to pay tribute to the Goddess. Depending on the culture and region, each full moon has a special name, often given according to its effects or the time of year.

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